20 Things to Know For Your First Year at BC, As Told by Boston College Alumni


That’s more than a hashtag. With over 172,000 alumni, the Boston College family extends far beyond Chestnut Hill. As the team behind the BC alumni social media accounts, we are well aware of the spirited passion our alumni have for BC. It was no surprise that when we asked them to share their best advice with incoming BC students, they eagerly replied.

Here, BC 2018, is what your fellow Eagles think you should know.

1. The Mysterious Powers of Your BC ID

We all remember just how excited we were to receive our BC ID. And yes, many of us still remember our personal eight digit code. But your BC ID unlocks far more than just a meal plan.

EagleBucks are the key to more than you know: vending machines, laundry machines, printers, copiers, and yes, even freshman dorms. The BC Bookstore allows purchases to be made with your ID and a number of off-campus restaurants (like Flatbreads!) accept them too.

But having a BC ID in your pocket unlocks a lot more in a college mecca like Boston. The Museum of Fine Arts and the Isabella Gardner Museum are FREE with a college ID. The AMC Fenway movie theater offers a student rate as do J. Crew, Banana Republic, and a number of other stores.

Take this advice: Always ask if there’s a student discount. 

Click here for everything you need to know about your BC ID.

2. Very Crucial: The Maloney Elevator

elevator elf 
Rules have been written about appropriate elevator etiquette, and the ones in Maloney Hall are no exception.

First, let us remember this: the Boston College campus is basically a StairMaster. Our calves are burning by the time we reach the stone eagles. And within days you’ll realize the magic of the Maloney elevators and their easy access to middle campus.

Maloney elevator etiquette is simple: You are only allowed to take the elevator to the first or fourth floors. Students will groan and give you death stares if you stop on any other floor. We’ve seen this. So if you need to get to the second or third floor, you’re taking the stairs.

Pro Elevator Tips

► Comm. Ave. Garage elevators are just as wonderful. Take one to the seventh floor to get access to O’Neill Plaza. Need to get to the bridge between Maloney and O’Neill? That’s the fifth floor.

► O’Neill Library elevators are slow and hidden. But, if you are in a jam, just remember the main floor is three.

3. Get out of the BC Bubble

BC Bubble 
There’s a whole world waiting for you…off-campus. Do yourself a favor and explore the area’s eclectic neighborhoods. You’ll be glad you did.

Here are a few that our alumni have pointed out:

  • Newton Centre: Not far from Newton Campus, Newton Centre offers everything one could want. There’s coffee (Starbucks, Peet’s), ice cream (JP Licks), and the legendary diner Johnny’s Luncheonette. It’s worth the walk.
  • Chestnut Hill’s The Street: Over the past few years, The Street––basically, a fancy strip mall––has developed into a multipurpose center. There is a Star Market grocery store, a Verizon store, and a CVS pharmacy. There’s also a Shake Shack, a LUX movie theatre, a hair and nail salon, cupcake bakeries, ice cream parlors, and some clothing stores. A cab ride over is cheap (under $5) and it’s definitely worth checking out.
  • Newbury Street: Take the T to Hynes Convention Center or Copley and you’re in the heart of Boston’s “Rodeo Drive.” Newbury Street has high-end shops, restaurants, and is a great place to walk around with friends.

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